RAYA 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin guys !

Firstly, im sorry for this late post. So im gonna tell you guys about my very first experience fasting during Ramadhan without the presence of my family. It was great and Alhamdulillah it is a joyful month i had with the new surrounding. I thanked Allah for the chances he gave me. This is really such a great oppurtunity that i ever had.

Raya at kampung was boring. I woke up late during the first day of Raya and same as few years before, i skipped Solat Sunat Hari Raya like usual. Harharhar, so my raya was plain boring, way boring and too boring its like a normal day but with special foods and special tv shows and movies. I managed to visit only 1 house at kampung. Btw, Terengganu was fucking hot. And i do got issues there, i hate those loser rempits. Went back to Klang on the 3rd day of Raya. And yeah, since its Raya i invited my friends to my house. It was kinda a small event for my closest friends and relatives. So i combine few pictures that have been taken.

Boys; from left Hannan, Firdaus, Samad, Fikiee, Hyder, Mail, Unknown &Amirul
Girls; Me, Zatie & Haseena 

Left; Ira(roommates in KMM) , me & Fazira(bff)

Le boyfriend, Meor Ridhuan :) hewhewhew

With cousins, sister and Cik Abang sayang ahahaha :)