Through what had happened between me and Farhan is seriously something beyond expectation that we both could not avoid.

It is something that we both did not expect. which is feeling, i could not blame feelings for letting us fall for each other.

I wanted to make things clear. I wanted to be happy, so do Farhan and my friends.

But pls, let us be happy for what have we been going through in the past. 

Who am i to even make sure others to be happy when i couldn't help myself to be happy. It wasn't easy for me. I don't wanna be selfish too. 

So i don't get when my girls are being annoyed with what is going on between me and Farhan. I couldn't care less but being equal to both.

I did walk with my girls, we still go to class together. I did ask everyone's condition like almost everyday. But yet sometimes i feel left out. 

So if u girls read this, come and tell me directly. I will try to be equal enough.