To ze people.

Life have been great so far i guess. I've been single for a month and a few days. Those memories when i was TAKEN were deeply locked inside my heart. I couldn't deny, the feelings are still here, the memories aren't fade away, and it wasn't easy to be alone.

You may forget about you ex boyfriend/girlfriend, but tpdid you ever forget thosee things that you have done together before? Such;

  1. Getting a morning/night text.
  2. Your annoying Super-Savers or those late night calls.
  3. Telling the whole world that u're happy for having your partner.
  4. Shopping together.
  5. Watch movies together.
  6. Telling each other 'I Love You' for every second.
  7. Give ur ex bf/gf your things such, exchanging pencil case, give ur ex gf ur own Fav T-shirt and etc.
  8. Holding each others hand.
  9. Calling each others with cute names/tittles (hunny, honey, baby, bie & etc)
  10. And others.
I miss everything about it. I've choose to move on. So yeah, i am currently Is-Moving-On. I've told few people that i gotta find my another half once im ready when i'd futher my study. Its a Promise InsyaAllah to myself and to Mama who always want this so badly.

I have this Fvcked up moment, but yet I thanked Ameerpal, Ismail and kakak for always being there for me whenever i need them. I just dont think by telling my closest friends/my best friends about my problems could solve this. Yes, i have Datin, Haseena, Hyder, Fikri and others to share. But i just dont think that this is the right thing. Datin and Fikri are having their own dilemma and ofc im not gonna distract them. Haseena had motivate me and i guess she did a great job cause she's the reason why i try to stand on my own feet. While Hyder, he really helped me a lot for being the greatest friend so far, i thanked him for being the most protective, supportive and caring friend. Seriously.

At this very moment i really wanna say sorry to Hyder for making a huge mess between us. I've been avoiding few people including him. I've block several people on twitter, i avoid myself from getting a phone calls from anyone and even texting. My phone has been silent for a very long moment, two weeks i guess? I even have RM0.00 left on my phone.

Because i just thought someone had been stalking me, reading my blog post, reading my status on facebook, reading my tweets. As you can see, its been a long time i've updated my blog, and my facebook status. So i thought there are people who stalk my tweets. Wait, im not saying that im one of ze-retis-type. But i just feel liked one. Ahah. Oh and it has been two weeks that i didn't go out or chilling myself outside ze house.

So Hyder, yeah chaos gila. Like im seriously sorry.

As always, to Muhd Fakhrullah Bin Amran, where have you been? You left me without any news. Boy, thanked you a lot for making this into a chaotic scene for me. Did you still stalking me like how i stalk you? Thanks again for changing me from a girl to a lady :)

I miss each of my friends, hope to gather back soon. Results Day are on their way. My pray are all with you guys, always. Be a good person and let us be a person with a new perception soon InsyaAllah.

And i realised, i don't need a boy. I need a man. For now, i've met thousands of boys so now im gonna seek for a Man, InsyaAllah.