Give your heart a break.

Mid sem break. Finally !

Yo hello people :) Done with my Mid Semester Examination. Let me rate the subjects in details;

  1. English was okay, so far.
  2. Chemistry was okay, i mange to answer the paper with ease.
  3. Maths was fucking hard, Binomial and inequalities question, screw that part.
  4. Physics was terribly hard for me, always.
  5. Lastly, Computer Science. I screwed up Logic Gate, Operating System and Utility Program. i get confused with the questions ! shit.
So yeah, im all alone.......

Sisters arent back yet. So i guess i'll be alone for couple days. Fuck this, i hate to be alone.

Relationship-0. I gave up, i hate getting stupid hopes from guys. They are just bullshits. Sorry, fuck everything.

Bitch, am gonna enjoy my holidays. 

Ramadhan's near to the end. Keep praying and hope for something good. Syawal's coming.