Melaka Negeriku Sayang

Hey readers :) Another pretty relaxing weekends. Not really actually, thousands and loads of homeworks to be done. Tutorial, Lab report, tutor tutee, quizes. I havent study a thing yet i keep doing homeworks non stop without knowing a thing what im studying ! I often cry here. I love my new life, screw that part about studies. My relationship with him, are getting better. We has passed one month, happy me. Roommates, best friends and neighbours keep supporting me. 

Cycling with neighbours, Madie and Fizah :)

Finally, cycling for the 1st time after 6 years :)
I've made it !

Boring physics lecture, normal.

Sayang :)

with Madie :)

My place in Computer lab during science computer 

Washing Machine and easy way to wash my clothes

Matriks card and key. C4-2-13 is sayang's block.

Titration experiment, CHEMISTRY !

A pendrive for my lab project for science computer

Birthday present that i got for my Birthday from unty Nani!

physics's revision