Im home.

Yes im home for emergency leave.

Sorry for the late post. Im gonna update a quick and short post about my grandma. I received bad news  about my grandma, whom i called her as Tok Wae on Tuesday soon after i ended my Chemistry extra class around 5 plus from Mama trough BBM. I cant really tell wether its an accident or an incident. 

Tok Wae fell out of the car, Perodua Rusa to be exact on the road in UiTM Shah Alam. My grandma has her own kiosk such small business in UiTM. What i heard from my mom is the car was driven by my uncle. My uncle doesnt about to stop the car, but Tok Wae has already opened-up her seat belt and luck aren't on her side, the door arent fully locked so Tok Wae fell out from the car. Tok Wae suffered major injury on her head, skullbone. Internal bleeding on her brain that force her to have an opperation. she admitted in Hospital Sg. buloh. 

I cried so hard on Tuesday and Wednesday. I cant study, i cant concentrate during classes. I cried during class. Suddenly mama BBM-ed me and asked if i could ask for emergency leaves. I am allowed by HEP, Alhamdulillah. So i take off from KMM on Friday after 2.30. Abah fetched me.

Arrived at the hospital around 6. Mama guided me into ICU. I burst out in tears. I cried again. Grandma is so full with wires and tubes. The machines scared me out. I hold Tok Wae's hand tightly. I dont wanna let go off her hand. I cant feel her.

So today, Saturday. I went to the hospital again with new spirits which is I DONT WANT TO CRY. And yes i didnt cry. The first session of visiting hours, i went inside with Cik Su. We greet Tok Wae. I hold Tok Wae's hand tightly, amd i talked to her. I whisper closely to her left ear 'Tok Wae, Assalamualaikum. Anees datang lagi hari ni'. Even Cik Su said 'Adik datang dengan Anees ni Wae'. I didnt stop saying 'Tok Wae bangun lah, Anees ada kat sini ni'. Grandma wanna react, but she's too weak, she could just snort. When we're about to leave, Tok Wae moves her left hand. She's showing us a good sign. I am happy. Even its just a minor sign, but at least she did response even she's not awake. 

The 2nd session of visiting hours, i went inside again with Ayah Long. Tok Wae didnt response cause i know she's resting. Grandma is too weak. I keep talking to her, hold her hand tightly. I know she can feel me.

So dear readers, lend me your 5mins to pray for my Grandma. 

Tok Wae, stay strong and keep holding on. Anees tahu Tok Wae kuat, Anees sayang Tok Wae. Anees akan terus berdoa untuk Tok Wae. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, kita jumpa lagi. Get well soon Tok Wae, i miss you.