Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka.

Im here laying on my bed while writing this post. Finals are few days away from today.

Final starts on next Monday. So, im having study week now. It's such a disturbance where its raining cats and dogs everyday, im having bad cough and it has been 2 weeks already. Cold weather doesn't help much. It force us to sleep on our comfy bed or a short cat nap will be extend to two or three hours. It seems legit, but well erm its such A VERY DISTURBANCE.

I havent cover all subjects.

Physics equal to boring. Long way to go to revise chemistry. I've been revising science computer and maths lately since this two subjects can actually help me to get good results compare to physics. Hmmph sad life is it?

I've been tweet-ing so much. And i really have to get my ass of from my smartphone. this is my Major Disturbance. I cant deny, BBM, Twitter.

I have to get good grades for god sake. Im not gonna let my parents down since i've promise them from the very beginning. I can't give up. I have no place to go if im giving up now.

Gotta be strong, and im gonna make my parents proud of me.