Dear Wan Meriam bt Wan Abdullah.

Special post dedicated to my grandma, whom i used to call as Tok Wae.
Tok Wae is a Kelantan version of Tok Wan.

From what you've read on my last post, as if you forget and haven't got the chance to read my post, here's the link;

Alhamdulillah after almost 2 to 3 weeks comma, she's finally awake from coma and yes i'm happy till i shed my tears. Allah finally heard and fullfil our Du'a. Due to the internal brain, she lost her memory. Im not sure if its permanent, but yeah she doesn't know her daughters and sons, even us and me, her granddaughter. She's likely act like a baby.

And she's out from the hospital after a month staying there. Everything she do, have to be observe and control. She's still weak. Can't stand strongly. 

Last Saturday i went to Bt. Antarabangsa, went to her house to be exact for 2 days and one night to pay her a visit. When i arrived, she's sleeping soundly. At first i was afraid if she could be awake and did something strange and dangerous since i am a stranger to her. All of sudden she wake up and what she did is only smile to a stranger, to me. She gives her hand towards me. I shake her hand and kiss her hand, and respond to her smile. 

She didnt recognize me.

Tok Wae , me

"Sapo ni?"
"Tok Wae, ni Anees"

She noded.

Mom , Tok Wae

"sapo ni Wae?"
"Tok tahu lah"
"Ni Anees"
"Sapo Wae? Aaaaa"

I dont mind, i smiled. I know her situation. When everyone's asking her so many question, she smirk and snort. She's tired. She have so many things to be recall. She's weak. She act like a baby because she, herself didn't know who she is. 

What makes me proud of Tok Wae is that she can recall how to recite Al-Fatihah, ayat kursi, zikrullah and she know how to perform Solat. She sleep for the whole day and surely gonna wake up when it's time to Solat. During the time when she's well, when she's normal back then, she's good in doing good deeds towards Allah s.w.t. She always wake up around 3 to 4 am to perform solat sunat. And this is why she always awake around that time. Even she lost her memory she still perform her prayer and will at least read 2 pages of Al-Quran even she read it upside down after perform her prayer.

Sometimes, when she talk to us, she'll try so hard to tell us something. But the things didn't come to her mind and she tried over and over again until she's tired and give up and end up going to bed again.

Deep inside, i know she remember each of us. She wanted to tell her that she know us. But things didn't go right and didn't come across her mind. So she give up. 

Dear Tok Wae, everytime you hold my hand when you fell asleep, when i sit beside you, I wont stop praying that you could recall everything and gain your memory back. I love you, always.