Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah.

 Finally im done with my PSPM 1 (Peperiksaan Semester Program Matrikulasi). Total relieved. So we matriculation students have 3 days gap before MUET (Malaysian English University Test). And we're not allowed to go for outing/hangout. We're allowed to stay at the hostel or went home. I thought of going home but my dad didn't allow me, so i decide to stay overnight for 1 night at Malacca Town. But it was all unplanned. It was all not-so-serious plan. At first i invited Aida to went along, but Aida said it could be dangerous for us since Mail wont be along with us. So i called it off. On Wednesday, Miza my wingmates wake me up to confirmed me if i really wanted to go with the not-so-serious plan.

Miza Me

Anees, bangun. Kau nak book hotel ke tak? jadi tak?
Tak lah, Aida kata bahaya so tak jadi lah.

1 hour later, i just woke up and im dying to go out from the hostel since it was damn bored and we got nothing to do for 3 days.

Me Miza Zati

Jom book hotel, aku boring lah. Zati jom join?
Haa, okay. Dah book belum?
Jom lah call jom.

And so, i called this hotel, kinda look like a guest house to book one room for us. It's River One Residence that situated just beside the Melacca River Cruise at Jonker Walk. At first i got one double bed room from RM 100 to RM 70 since im so good in neagotiate. Haha.

Then, i met Ifa outside of the room, and i told her that we're going to overnight in Malacaa Town for 1 night and asked her if she would like to join us. So Ifa persuaded her sister and mom to join us. And yeah, 4 of us took off at 2 am by taxi.

And so we're a bit lost in Jonker Walk, suprisingly im with 3 person who was born and stay in Malacca and im the outsider. And they dont really know the place. I was the one who found out the place. We finally arrived at River One Residence hotel around 4 pm. Kong the owner of the Hotel are so nice. Check in, and he gave us 2 rooms where they have 2 single bed in each room for RM100. RM 50 per room for 1 night.

Here are the pictures;

view from the hotel balcony.

room with Ifa.
Im wearing MNG shirt, jeans blouse from nowhere and skinny jeans from Levi's.

with Ifa.

 Balcony area.

 Zati, wingmates.

 Miza, wingmates.

Ifa, classmates. 

Tutti Frutti with Ifa.
Right was mine, left Ifa's.

Night pictures;
 Church in the middle of Malacca Town.

Museum which i forgot the name is. Sorry.

In front of the fountain and Christ Church. 

 Night walk with Ifa.

Beca with Ifa. 

 Historical 'Kapal'. Forgot.

 Casa Del Rio Hotel. 

 Kincir Air at Malacca River Cruise.

 Chatime with Ifa.

Miza, Ifa and me at Dataran Pahlawan.

Me with the wingmates at Dataran Pahlawan.

Late night walk outside of the hotel.


 Feets and slippers. Up Ifa's, down mine.

Me and Ifa. Zaty is the shadows.

With Ifa again.

Late night conversation with the foreigner. 
Alex from German while Aussie from Iceland.

Morning pictures;

Morning view from the balcony.

With Ifa.
Im wearing MNG's sweater/cardigan and Skinny jeans from Levi's.

Good Morning face.

Ifa, Me and Miza.

Chinese Temple at Jonker Walk.

Jonker Walk 2010.

Zaty, me, Ifa and Miza at Stadhuys.
 Afternoon pictures;
Lunch at Seoul Garden with Ifa.

Excited face.

Karaoke at Dreamboxzz.

Ifa again.

Again ! 

And againnnnnn.

It was a whole lot of fun to be with them. I've spend my time the most with Ifa because we really aim for a walk and foods. Not to shop. We walk back and forth at Jonker Walk, Dataran Pahlawan Mall, Mahkota Parade and Malacca Town for two days.

Went here on Wednesday 8th Nov and went back to KMM on Thursday 9th Nov. Love to be around new people.

  1. Wear something casual and comfortable if you're out for a walk.
  2. I wear slip-on Nike during this 2 days so it'll be easy for me to walk during days and night.
  3. We can't predict the weather so just be prepare if its raining or if it's hot.
  4. Stay at a budget hotel or rest/guest house if you just plan to walk because you can negotiate to get the lowest price.
  5. Avoid taking public transport if your destination are 10 min away from your hotel. Walk around, you can experience new things even for 10 min.
  6. Be safe and alert to your surrounding.
Next post will be about the weekend i had with my grandma just after i arrive home from Malacca.