Beliebers Love Justin Drew Bieber ♥

Well hello :) So did you guys remember this movie? Hell no you gotta be kidding me ! 



Well, i got Bieber Fever since im 15 :) Yeah maaaan. It started from One Time where Justin First Debut until now the lastest song Boyfriend. How could i ever missed his schedule, his comeback. I mean everything about him !

This i what im listening to, the whole day

What makes me updating this kind of blog post is because yesterday they aired this NEVER SAY NEVER on HBO. Like come on ! Instead of buying the DVD/Blue-ray or whatever with the chinese/bahasa Malaysia CD, I prefer to wait until they aired this on any channels. So yeah, HBO made it. The airtime was at 12 noon, 1st May. But yeah, boo me i woke up late since i slept at 5 the day before. And i thought it would be aired on midnight. Silly me, yeah. But then they repeat this movie again on the evening at 7.15. So i  got the chance to watch NSN like amagaaaaassssh YEAY ME! Watched this movie again with my sister. But this time its not in 3D so i dont have to wear those stupid dizzy 3D spec like the last time i watched them at the cinema. Its in HD walaaaooo. Once again, i got amazed watching this movie like the first time i did.

Justin Drew Bieber ♥

Once a Beliebers, always a Beliebers ♥♥♥